News: Jahresbericht 2015 jetzt online

Der Jahresbericht 2015 steht...

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News: Faser & Papier 2030 - Nachwachsende Zukunft gestalten

Erfolgsgeschichte des Werkstoffs Papier langfristig fortschreiben


Der Papiermarkt befindet sich...

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News: Progress in Paper Physics Seminar

Some good news concerning the Progress in Paper Physics Seminar 22nd to 26th of August, 2016, in...

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Jetzt schon Termin vormerken!

111. Jahrestagung und Expo 2016
28.-30. Juni 2016
Messegelände Frankfurt/Main, Halle 11


Die Veranstaltung steht unter dem Thema Rohstoffe & Fasern: Die erweiterte Wertschöpfung.

Termine Fachausschüsse

Termine Bezirksgruppen




Die nächste Sitzung des FA TEST (Halbstoff- und Papierprüfung) ist für den 29. Juni 2016 anlässlich der ZELLCHEMING-Expo in Frankfurt/Main geplant.


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Cellulose-Symposium 2016


Cellulose-Symposium am 29.06.2016

Sitzung des Fachausschusses im Anschluss

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21.09.2016 - 22.09.2016



Die nächste Sitzung des FA RECO (Altpapierverwertung) findet vom 21.-23. September 2016 bei der Firma Repa Boltersdorf in Brohl statt.

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08.11.2016 - 09.11.2016



Die Herbstsitzung des FA PMAK (Papiererzeugung) wird vom 8.-9. November 2016 in bei der Steinbeis Papier GmbH in Glückstadt stattfinden.



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Die nächste Sitzung des FA ENVI (Umweltfragen) wird am 21./22. November 2016 bei UPM in Ettringen stattfinden.

Wir werden sowohl die Möglichkeit...

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Sonstige Termine

Progress in Paper Physics Seminar 2016

August 22-26, 2016, TU Darmstadt,  Germany

2016 TAPPSA Conference and Exhibition

Pulp, Paper and Beyond

September 21-22, 2016, Durban, South Africa


Call for Papers


For more information contact Lynne Askew




11th Research Forum on Recycling

25.-28. September 2016

Jacksonville, Florida, USA


Call for Papers


For more information please contact Lisa Stephens



Jahrestagung VPM/APV Darmstadt/APV Dresden

7.-8. Oktober 2016





XXIII International Forest, Pulp and Paper Conference

12.-14. Oktober 2016

Porto, Portugal


Call for papers
The Organizing Committee cordially invites Scientists, Papermakers, Technicians, Manufacturers and Suppliers from all over the world, directly or indirectly engaged in the Forestry, Pulp and Paper field, to participate in the XXIII TECNICELPA Conference 2016. Authors may submit Abstracts for Oral or Poster presentations addressing the following topics:

  • Forest
  • Raw materials for pulp and paper process
  • Pulp Production
  • Papermaking (including P&W papers, Tissue, Packaging, Recycling, Converting and Printing)
  • Energy and Environment
  • Biotechnology and Biorrefinery
  • Novel applications for pulp and paper / New pulp and paper based materials
  • Other support activities (Control systems, Human resources management, Health and safety, Equipment, Education in P&P, Logistics, Marketing, Maintenance)


Authors are encouraged to submit electronically, until 15 March, 2016, an abstract with no more than 500 words, following the Template and guidelines available from the conference website.

English is the preferred language but abstracts may also be submitted in Portuguese.


You cannot miss this unique event in the Forest, Pulp and Paper field, considering the relevance of the conference and the presence in Portugal of leading scientists, as well as important companies in the sector.


Please pay attention to the following deadlines:

  • Submit abstracts – 15 March 2016
  • Notification of acceptance – 15 April 2016
  • Submit full papers – 30 June 2016
  • Submit final oral presentation (pptx) – 5 October 2016

All contacts should preferably be made by e-mail.



43rd International Meeting of Slovene Paper Industry

"Paper - always an exciting story"

November 23-24, 2016

Golf Hotel, Bled, Slovenia

Contact: Marko Jagodic