The job profiles – as varied as the material paper

Also in the paper industry the level of technological development is demanding a great deal of employees. Modern manufacturing facilities can be operated safely only by a highly qualified manpower. Correspondingly, the demand for well-trained and dedicated experts and executives increases. Well-trained paper engineers and paper technologists are sought-after and have excellent promotion prospects.

However, this does not apply for papermaking only. In demand are well-trained experts round about paper - in logistics, marketing, as well as in the printing industry and process industry.

Which professions can you learn in the paper industry?

With a Certificate of Secondary Education (CSE) or General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE):

  • Paper technologist (or paper technology vocational college)
  • Industrial mechanic
  • Electronics engineer
  • Packaging technologist
  • Further education opportunities to become foreman, paper technician in paper making

With a university-entrance diploma:

  • Bachelor of Engineering in Paper Technology
  • Master of Engineering in Paper Technology/qualified engineer

The training posts are located in Darmstadt, Munich and Karlsruhe/Gernsbach.

Ideal for those interested in technology: The paper technologist

A paper technologist produces paper, board, cardboard or chemical pulp, i.e. a computer is used to monitor and control all high-tech machinery that is used in production. In doing this, they watch
• raw materials as well as additives and fillers
• the quality of the product
• the correct proportion of quantity, costs and time
• the maintenance and inspection of the plant facilities
They work either in the paper machine's control room, in the laboratory or at other workplaces.

The course of the training:

  • Approx. 200 apprentices per academic year
  • Dual training, for 3 years in total, i.e. on-the-job training in service and theoretical education at college in Gernsbach (16 weeks per year)
  • Career opportunities: foreman in paper making or processing, Bachelor of Engineering in Paper Technology

The paper technology vocational college

The requirements for entry are a good educational achievement such as GCSE, entrance qualification for technical college or admission to the 11th grade of a secondary school.

The aim is to attain a multi-skill qualification:

  • Skilled worker in the occupation of paper technologist and
  • Officially-certified Technical Secondary School graduate Paper Technology and
  • Advanced technical college entrance qualification

Duration: 3 years (20 weeks/year at Papiermacherschule Gernsbach)

Training as machine operator and system supervisor


  • 2 years of dual training on the job and at Papierzentrum Gernsbach
  • The tasks: operation and maintenance of plants for the further processing of paper, cardboard and board
  • Options for further education: packaging technologist (1 year), foreman in paper processing

The electronics engineer


  • 3.5 years of dual training on the job and at vocational college
  • The tasks: to maintain and repair paper machines and other electric equipment in a paper mill
  • Career oppurtunity: foreman

The industrial mechanic


  • 3.5 years of dual training on the job and at vocational college
  • The tasks: to maintain and repair paper machines and other mechanical equipment in a paper mill
  • Career opportunities: foreman

You will find further information on vocational training courses  and degree programs on the websites of the German Pulp and Paper Association (VDP) and the Employers' Association of the German Paper Industry (VAP).