We assist you in your search to find the adequate education

The ZELLCHEMING association is the proper partner for you when you want to go on choosing a career path adapted to your requirements. We provide an overview on the various training options, the companies that offer on-the-job trainings, vocational colleges and universities. We also provide you with information and set up contacts if you are a newcomer to the industry or if you want to retrain. If you are already involved in the paper sector and want to develop your career further, we are the right partner for you, too.

Which professions can you learn in the paper industry?

With a Certificate of Secondary Education (CSE) or General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE):

  • Paper technologist (or paper technology vocational college)
  • Industrial mechanic
  • Electronics engineer
  • Packaging technologist
  • Further education opportunities to become foreman, paper technician in paper making

With a university-entrance diploma:

  • Bachelor of Engineering in Paper Technology
  • Master of Engineering in Paper Technology/qualified engineer

The training posts are located in Darmstadt, Munich and Karlsruhe/Gernsbach

The universities for your career planning


Technical University of Darmstadt

The TU Darmstadt's "Paper Science and Technology" master's degree course is addressed to graduates of a discovery-led bachelor's degree course in an engineering science subject or natural scientific subject.

Technical University Dresden

Paper technology has a long tradition at the TU Dresden. This field of study is continued within the newly founded Institute of Natural Materials Technology. Technically and organisationally, paper technology is assigned to the professorship for wood and fibre material technology.

University of Applied Sciences Munich

Today, paper and packaging belong to our workaday life as a matter of course. However, it is rarely realised that there are globally operating high-tech industries behind versatile paper products and packaging material! With innovative capacity, corporations continuously refine well-known products and processes and invent new solutions. The key aspects are environmental sustainability, potential savings of resources and energy efficiency. To meet these diverse challenges, the paper industry and the packaging industry need highly skilled and highly motivated engineers in their teams.

Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University / Karlsruhe Campus Gernsbach

Work-integrated education enables students to apply academic content learnt in class to practice immediately and vice versa bring in new ideas from their placements back to the classroom. As a result, the students are provided with an access to sought-after academic qualifications while being able to gain extensive practical experience. Thus, the graduates of DHBW are able to face challenging tasks early in their professional career and launch successful careers directly upon graduation.

Students of the Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University are financially independent from the very start. As employees of partner companies that provide their workplace training, the students receive a monthly remuneration for the duration of their studies at the university.