Regional Groups

General information

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The individual regional groups mostly organise one meeting per year, during which up to 150 participants establish contacts and exchange experiences from their work. The meetings of the regional groups often offer a series of lectures on a special technical subject, followed by a visit of a plant of the chemical pulp and paper industry or its supplying industries.

Regional Group South

The area served of the Regional Group South includes the federal states of Baden-Wurttemberg and Bavaria, as well as neighboring countries like Switzerland and Austria. There is usually one meeting per year. The meetings are held jointly with VPM and are generally held in spring or fall. The events with dedicated series of lectures take place either in a plant of the pulp or paper producing industry or the paper processing industry or in a neutral place. Subsequently there often is the possibility of a factory tour.

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Thomas Villforth (Phone: +49 (0) 179-2 93 58 87)

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Regional Group West

Regional Group West

The Regional Group West introduces itself

The Regional Group West has the catchment area Hesse, Rhineland-Palatinate, North Rhine-Westphalia and the bordering countries Belgium and the Netherlands and cooperates in this area with the VPM.


The objective of the event is the expansion of professional knowledge. As a rule, a joint meeting is held annually, whereby the venues change. Here we rely on the kind support of companies. The number of participants is between 25 and 50 members. The events always have a general theme. This theme is reflected in the technical presentations and in a subsequent tour of the plant.

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Stefan Raum
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Lothar Lichtenthäler

Regional Group North

Introduction of the district group Northern Germany

The area served of ​​the regional group North includes the federal states of Lower Saxony, Schleswig-Holstein, Bremen and Hamburg as well as neighboring countries (Denmark, Netherlands, Sweden). There is an annual meeting with up to 100 participants. The meeting takes place conjointly with the VPM and is generally held on the first Friday in November. By turns, the event takes place either in a pulp or paper producing or paper processing plant or in a neutral location. There always is a series of lectures on a general topic such as

  • Planning and commissioning of paper machines,
  • New or improved raw materials and additives,
  • Production and properties of special papers,
  • New measurement, analysis and information systems,
  • Total Quality Management,
  • Water, air and energy usage

In general, a factory tour is also offered. In addition, there is the opportunity to make personal contacts and conduct expert discussions during a joint dinner.

Yours sincerely, ​​​​​​​Michael Köhler
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Cell: +49 (0) 172-4 36 24 00

Regional Group East

Introduction of the regional group East

The district group Eastern Germany was founded on September 12, 1990 in Heidenau/Saxony. The area served of the regional group covers the federal states of Berlin, Brandenburg, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia. In general, a two-day meeting takes place annually at the end of September/beginning of October. The annual meeting includes factory tours and lectures on a range of topics related to the companies visited. The joint evening event offers the opportunity for expert talk or networking.

Yours sincerely, Dipl.-Ing. Steffen Ratzlow
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