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Prof. Dr. Markus Biesalski, Chairman of the organizing committee:
"The announcement of the kick-off event of the International ZELLCHEMING Conference on
Cellulose-Based Materials met with a lively response. We are observing a great interest in
this topic and we will definitely stick to the event!".


This conference is a joint initiative of the association ZELLCHEMING e.V. with its technical committees and the tud_logo.pngTechnical University of Darmstadt.

The aim of this international conference is to bring together researchers from science and industry who are interested in R&D topics related to polysaccharides, paper-based materials and bioeconomy. Essentially it is our intention that chemical, physical, and engineering experts disseminate and discuss their findings, while also creating a completely new platform for close interaction of academia and industry.
We wil be offering an excellent scientific program structured in thematic sessions which progress from polysaccharide chemistry, to paper chemistry, and paper physics & engineering. In addition to invited lectures, the opportunity to submit poster presentations is offered.

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On behalf of the organizing committee

Markus Biesalski
TU Darmstadt

Thomas Heinze
Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena

Samuel Schabel
TU Darmstadt

Petra Hanke




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