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Industry News

NEWS: Roundwood Demand Continues to Increase

Thanks to the positive economic situation and investments, roundwood use by the forest industry will break the 70 million cubic metre barrier for the first time since the recession. The use of imported roundwood will continue to decrease slightly this year and next. The increasing use of wood has been hinted at the past few years by the increasing volume of domestic roundwood trade and removals, and its rate of growth is expected to slacken during the forecast period. The growing demand will...

NEWS: Growth in Forest Industry Exports Continues

New investments will have a significant impact on production figures for the forest sector in both 2018 and 2019. Growth in 2018 will be particularly strong in pulp exports as the Äänekoski pulp factory begins operating at full capacity. Exports of paperboard will also increase this year and next thanks to earlier investments. Exports of paper, the primary product of the forest industry, will continue to fall both this year and next, but prices may rise slightly. Exports of sawn goods will...

NEWS: US Demand for Paper Industry Machinery to Reach 2.9 Billion Euro

US paper industry machinery demand is forecast to total $3.6 billion in 2022, according to Paper Industry Machinery: United States, a report recently released by Freedonia Focus Reports. Increasing paper and paperboard production and the desire of producers to reduce operating costs through upgrades to more efficient machinery will drive gains over the forecast period.

Global know-how for the paper industry


Paper is the future – even if there are millennia of tradition lying behind it. The chemical pulp and paper industry is more alive now than ever before, growing and delivering solutions for assignments in many different sectors. Right in the heart of all the action in Germany, Europe and the world, the ZELLCHEMING association acts as a technical-scientific association for the forest-based industries. It is an active partner in the network of worldwide fellow associations, the institutes of higher education, research establishments and industry.

In hardly any other sector of industry does involvement in a technical-scientific association offer members such a rich opportunity to engage in a constructive exchange of opinions with highly knowledgeable colleagues from within Germany and abroad. This produces valuable benefits for the members and the companies for which they work.

The ZELLCHEMING association offers

  • 14 technical committees on current topics covering every aspect of paper making and the fibre industry
  • attractive, regional programmes from the 7 district groups
  • a training and career portal within the network
  • our expo and congress series as a marketplace for the paper industry

Immerse yourself in our work

You will find that we offer global knowledge covering every aspect of paper and fibre, from skilled members from the worlds of research and industry. And work with us, as a member that wants to be positioned right in the heart of the paper business. And help to shape the future in a sector that is very much alive.


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