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Students, professionals and companies promote and support the association through their work and ideas.

Members' Benefits
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Membership fee
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Helping to shape the transformation of the industry.

ZELLCHEMING is an independent, interdisciplinary, technical-scientifical platform in the field of bioeconomy with a focus on pulp, paper and fiber-based materials.

We see ourselves as a network partner who accompanies the transformation of the industry to the production of renewable products across industries.

It is worthwile to become a member. We align our activities with the current interests of the pulp and paper industry - to ensure its success in Germany and within Europe.

Our Network

Extensive and profound technical contacts.

The ZELLCHEMING association offers its members, who mainly work in the pulp, paper and supplier industry, extensive and profound professional liasons. Experts meet at the Annual General Meeting to hear internationally accepted top-class lectures or to inform themselves at the accompanying exhibition - the ZELLCHEMING-Expo.

Beyond that, more intensive contacts can be achieved by participating in one or more of the technical committees.




Students, professionals and companies promote and support the association through their work and ideas.

Technical Committees

Participation in our technical committees requires membership in the ZELLCHEMING association.

District Groups

The assignment to a ZELLCHEMING district group redults from the ZIP code and the country of the shipping address selected by a member.

Membership Fee

According to § 12 of the ZELLCHEMING statutes, the membership fees for ordinary and associate members are determined by the Members' Assembly on request of the Board and are valid until reassessment. The stipulated membership fee must be paid without request by April 30 of the current year at the latest . Honorary members are free of charge.

Contribution Scale

Membership fee per year (calendar year)

Ordinary Members
Annual fee € 180.00
Ordinary Members are: professionally qualified chemists and engineers and people warranting their membership through their work in research, teaching, industry and trade.
Ordinary members have active and passive suffrage.

Retired Ordinary Members
Annual fee € 75.00

Associate Members (Students)
Annual fee € 15.00
Associate Members are: Students of chemistry, paper engineering and related engineering.
Associate members have active suffrage.
The application for student membership must be accompanied by a current certificate of enrollment.

Aktivitas dual membership
Annual fee = free

This membership category applies to students who are members of the CCCD or one of the following associations:

        APV Darmstadt
        APV Dresden
        VPM München

To register free of charge, a copy of the certificate of enrollment and a confirmation of the association membership is sufficient.

Corporate Members

Annual turnover, sector-related

        <25 Mio. € = EUR 600.00 (incl. 2 non-contributory full members)
        >25-250 Mio. € = EUR 1,200.00 (incl. 4 non-contributory full members)
        >250 Mio. € = EUR 2,200.00 (incl. 6 non-contributory full members)

Corporate Members are: Companies and associations of the pulp and paper industry and related industries, authorities, universities and institutes. Each legal entity has to appoint a representative, who is also a non-contributory full member. Corporate members participating as exhibitors in the ZELLCHEMING-Expo benefit from reduced fees.

SEPA direct debit mandate

Please use the following form to grant a SEPA direct debit mandate or to notify us of changes in your banking details. If you do not agree with the debit, you can cancel the debit with your bank within 8 weeks. There is no risk for you when issuing a SEPA direct debit mandate; on the contrary, both sides only benefit from it.

Termination of Membership

§ 14 of the ZELLCHEMING statutes: termination of membership:
A membership ends immediately in case of death or by written notice to be sent by member to the association's office no later than three months before the end of a year. The written cancellation can be sent by post, fax or E-Mail to the following address:

Verein der Zellstoff- und Papier-Chemiker und -Ingenieure
Neckarstr. 3
D-63322 Rödermark
Phone: +49 (0) 6074 728085-45
Fax: +49 (0) 6074 728085-77