Mission Statement

ZELLCHEMING is the platform for the professional technical exchange of all who are involved in the development of sustainable paper and fiber-based products. In addition, ZELLCHEMING offers a wide range of opportunities for members to become involved in our industry and to maintain personal contacts across generations.

The guiding theme is: Future in every fiber


Among the factors that connect ZELLCHEMING members are:

  • the fascination for engineering and technology regarding process and product innovation
  • the conviction that the paper and fiber-based industry can initiate and implement positive changes – which also have an impact on society beyond this industry

Our history

The Association of Pulp and Paper Chemists and Engineers (ZELLCHEMING) was founded in Berlin in 1905 and is thus the oldest technical-scientifical association in this industry.

The office of the association was relocated to Darmstadt after the reestablishment in 1948. Since September 2015 the office of the association has moved to Weiterstadt. Way back then the founding fathers decided not to state any nationality in the name of the association so that it would be open to everybody in every country who is involved in the manufacturing of pulp and paper or its supply industry. The association continues to encourage this international character - over 20% of its members come from abroad.

ZELLCHEMING is a founding member of the European Liaison Committee for Pulp and Paper - EUCEPA - based in Paris. The association's awareness of the industry's requirements in its settings of aims is reflected by the number of members. In 1923, there were already 447 members. Now, the association has around 1,300 members, 210 of which are supporting company members.