News: Jahresbericht 2017

Der Jahresbericht 2017 steht jetzt als Download für Mitglieder zur Verfügung. Bitte melden Sie sich...


Welcome to the ZELLCHEMING Association

We would like to welcome you to the website of the Association of Chemical Pulp and Paper Chemists and Engineers (ZELL CHEM ING). Introducing itself on your screen is an association which has dedicated itself fully to the various issues and topics surrounding chemical pulp production and paper making.


We see ourselves as a technical-scientific professional association for the chemical pulp industry and the paper industry as well as its suppliers. Anybody who is involved with chemical pulp production and paper making in Europe will find that we offer a comprehensive range of information as well as strong representation of interests for the concerns and issues affecting our high-tech sector. 


A strong network around paper


Communication is everything nowadays: We provide our members with an international network for the exchange of information and technical contacts in which topics discussed range from research and development concerning paper making through to ecology and the future of the chemical pulp industry and paper industry.